3 Common Lip Care Mistakes to Avoid

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Lip care has become a big industry today. In fact, there are whole skin care lines with lip care products. You can buy lip balms, lip scrubs, glosses and even glosses for lips. With so many options at your disposal, it can be really easy to make mistakes when buying lip care products. Here are the "3 Common Lip Care Mistakes to Avoid"


1 Avoid Peeling/Removing Dead Skin with Your Hands

Getting dry lips lips due to the weather, hormones or simply talking a lot is normal. Adding our exfoliating lip scrub a few times a week can combat that dead skin build up that you’re so used to having. However, you may feel tempted to remove this dead skin with your fingers. DONT! Not only is it unsanitary but you can cause blistering, bruising and irritation. This damage can not only affect your lips’ appearance but will also cause extreme discomfort.


2 Breathing through your mouth? STOP!

Constant air being pushed in and out of your mouth will cause drying internally and externally. A lot of us do this unconsciously while we’re sleeping so the perfect way to prevent drying is use a generous layer of our lip conditioner before going to sleep. Its hydrating properties will aid to all-night moisture and allow you to wake up with soft, smooth lips!


3 Avoid Licking Your Lips

You would think the natural saliva in our mouths would be the perfect moisturizer throughout the day. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s actually, the total opposite. Again, with a soft smooth surface that our lip scrubs create and the hydrating properties of its complimentary lip conditioners, they’ll be absolutely no reason for constant lip licking. You can depend on the luscious emollients of our lip care duo to keep your lips smooth and luscious!

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